Nautical Old Man Logo Redesign

For Boundary Bay Brewery’s 20th anniversary I wanted to do something to spruce up their original “Old Man” logo.  Intending to highlight Boundary’s nautical roots, I modified the black and white image to include a compass and a touch of green to make the logo pop. 

Keg Wraps

Keg wraps designed for Boundary Bay.

Tap Handle

Himalyayan Pale tap handle design for the Sherpa House in Seattle. 


Menu Design

Menu design for Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro. 

Big DeVine

Collaborating with designer Jenny Paulo, I helped develop a marketing plan for Rainier Wine's newest brand: Big DeVine. With three varietals in the lineup, I worked to build content and generate collateral.  

Portlandia Momtazi Pinot Noir

I worked in coordination with designer, Jenny Paulo, to create Portlandia Wine's Momtazi Pinot Noir label, developing marketing content and collateral to aid in the launch and sales of the new varietal.